Founder Miguel Eugenio Romero Sotelo

Architect from the National Engineering University (UNI) with a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from the Administration Urban Studies Centre in Madrid-Spain.

Vice Minister of Housing and Urban Planning (2002-2003), period in which he created the adequate regulation to reactivate the construction sector at that moment. National Dean of the Architects Association (2000-2002) and Councilor of Metropolitan Lima (1999-2002). Founder of SUYO SAC Corporation in 1997 and currently works as Honorary President of the Urban Architects Suyo Corporation.

Executive President of the Territory and Cities Institute (2004-2006) and has received important national and international awards, among those are: First Award in the design of Villa El Salvador city VII Biennial of Architecture and Urban Planning, granted by the Architecture and Urban Planning Association of Peru (1998), Honorable Mention “Architect of America” granted by the Pan-American Federation of Architects Associations (Mexico 2002), First International Award of social housing, granted by the Rafael Leoz Foundation of Spain (Madrid 1999) and first award in the "El Pinar" City Contest. Currently, he is Dean of the Architecture, Urban Planning and Territory Faculty of San Ignacio de Loyola University.