Respect for the Environment

Committed to take care of the environment in all our operations, our goal is to promote a sustainable management, generating wellbeing and guaranteeing the prevention and permanence of the sources of natural resources.

Recycling Program at the offices

Paper and toner recycling programs were implemented in the central office of CORSUYO in 2015, with the support of Aldeas Infantiles through the program “Recycle, fulfill your role". A battery deposit has also been implemented for the employees to be able to get rid of these highly contaminant residues. This way, we reduce the impact of our administrative operations in the environment.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS
Fig1. - Aldeas Infantiles SOS

Members of Perú Green Building Council

We are encouraging and promoting the firsts projects that will look to obtain the Leed certification granted by the Green Building Council in the world of construction of sustainable buildings. In the same way, we are members of Peru Green Building Council and as such we commit to promote a sustainable urban planning, that goes according to our corporate values.

Perú Green Building Council
Fig2. - Perú Green Building Council