Personal Development

In CORSUYO we consider that the most important resource is our people. This is why we try hard to provide development opportunities, offering a professional and personal growth to our collaborators.

Corsuyo Corporate Territory Institute (ITC)

It is born in 2015 in search for training alternatives that adapt to the specific needs of our company.

ITC is the first corporate Institute of the urban sector in the country, specialized in Urban Modifications and Integral Planning. It is exclusively addressed to our collaborators and its main goal is to accelerate the process of growth of our professionals aligning the knowledge and competencies of our professionals to the strategic goals of Corsuyo.

Corsuyo Training

The Training Plan of Corsuyo has as a goal to reinforce the specific competencies, develop new competencies and contribute to the professional and personal development of our professionals generating new competencies, aligning it to their professional and personal development.

Participation Programs and “Corsuyo, we are growing” Recognition

"CORSUYO, we are growing" is a program of human development that promotes and awards the innovation and learning, encouraging the personnel recognition through the Corsuyo Annual Awards, among others.