Occupational health

As a reflection of our commitment with the occupational health of our collaborators, we have implemented:

Healthy Life Promotion Programs


“Move” is a worldwide movement, whose main promoter in Peru is the municipality of San Borja and to which Corsuyo joined in 2015. This initiative has been designed especially for our collaborators and their families, with the purpose of becoming aware about the importance of taking care of our health and practice sports. This is how every year, in alliance with the Municipality of San Borja, we get together with our families at “Pentagonito” to do a series of sport activities, among them a 4.3k marathon.

Experiential Workshops

Implemented since 2015, these dynamic workshops allow the collaborators to constantly learn to overcome obstacles, work in teams and de-stress from the assigned works, creating a more positive attitude, a better work environment, a more consolidated organizational and team-leadership culture, achieving greater results generating a bigger impact at work.