Urban Planning

People from CORSUYO faces projects with an inclusive mentality, main asset that encourages and boosts the production of architectural designs of high added value, focused on achieving a more productive, efficient and quality execution achieving a true competitive advantage.


CORSUYO makes the solutions that it offers to its clients innovative, of quality and according to the national reality of each country, key pillars for the success of all the projects it does, because additionally, they are 360° solutions that integrate – since the beginning of the projects’ life cycle – multidisciplinary teams of Urban Planning, Architecture and Engineering. This ensures it has highly efficient designs and, thus, conducts the project from a more productive and clean integral planning, since the beginning.

The Urban Planning Business Unit has become an excellent alternative in several services such as the client representation in the Management of a project; conceptual, preliminary, final and detailed Urban Management Development; consulting services; Urban Modification Management and/or integral planning, integrated to all the phases of the Project.